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There is a lot I share about myself in my writings as well as my art. I dream and create. I live and learn.
I cry only with gratified tears.
Mistakes learned as lessons strengthened my well being, even as they chipped away at my heart.
Mirrored by her who is me, not myself. I have grown, I have shifted.
I have lost many loves and they be replaced by continued life, new life and understanding.
I kiss these lips and admire these eyes.
Living up to this title.
I will be this person.


Monday, November 3, 2008


Kelly Boss said...

beautiful babies!! hope all is well with you.. Is hubby still deployed??? we are praying for our soldiers & their wives. :)
ps. TAG... your it !!

Music uplifts, There is a song for every moment,
a song for every emotion.