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There is a lot I share about myself in my writings as well as my art. I dream and create. I live and learn.
I cry only with gratified tears.
Mistakes learned as lessons strengthened my well being, even as they chipped away at my heart.
Mirrored by her who is me, not myself. I have grown, I have shifted.
I have lost many loves and they be replaced by continued life, new life and understanding.
I kiss these lips and admire these eyes.
Living up to this title.
I will be this person.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shared thoughts

Lies bring the understanding that illusion exists through unquestioning hearts.
Hearts that will one day be broken because it doubts the reality of heartbreak.
Wanting nothing more but to own love, the known fact of self-importance is forgotten.
Ignoring the beauty of confidence, assurance is lost.
Love is given and always needed in return, the only thing left is forgiveness.
Make room for justification but be willful enough to endure what will one day be the past.
Forgive you for ignoring your worth, and forgive them who could not see your worth.
Remember it's always okay to love.


Donna said...

Your blog intrigues me! Keep it up! You've been tagged...check my blog for details!

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