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There is a lot I share about myself in my writings as well as my art. I dream and create. I live and learn.
I cry only with gratified tears.
Mistakes learned as lessons strengthened my well being, even as they chipped away at my heart.
Mirrored by her who is me, not myself. I have grown, I have shifted.
I have lost many loves and they be replaced by continued life, new life and understanding.
I kiss these lips and admire these eyes.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

People with dreads do wash their hair

I had someone ask me why I would choose to never wash my hair again

*I wanted to note this*

People with dreads do wash their hair. It is a common misconception that people with dreads don't wash their hair. Now if you know someone that has chosen not to wash their hair that is a choice in their hygiene. At this point I am starting my dreadlocks so I do have to go a few weeks without physically runny water on my hair with soap. For this case I will be using Dry Shampoo or a No rinse Shampoo.


thegayte-keeper said...

I know of some persons that didn't wash their dreads, but never got that impression from you...

Ms. Angie said...

I could not fathom not washing my hair LOL I also know of people. Just wanted to highlight that it is not a common ritual LMBO.

Anonymous said...

What! People with dreadlocks DO wash their hair? You don't say! OK, I'm just kidding Ms. Angie.

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