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There is a lot I share about myself in my writings as well as my art. I dream and create. I live and learn.
I cry only with gratified tears.
Mistakes learned as lessons strengthened my well being, even as they chipped away at my heart.
Mirrored by her who is me, not myself. I have grown, I have shifted.
I have lost many loves and they be replaced by continued life, new life and understanding.
I kiss these lips and admire these eyes.
Living up to this title.
I will be this person.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Journey with me

I have decided to take my second step into dreadlocking my hair. I had my last hair cut this past October and have refrained from using any chemicals I have enough healthy new growth to begin my twisting, my trusted friend will help me with that process. I am a bit taken, for the first time I am humble and serene with presenting myself as is. I see beauty differently. NO MORE WIGS. NO MORE EXTENTIONS. Proudly this is me. I will start twisting my hair today.

I am disregarding profane vanity. I am manifesting a spiritual understanding that physical appearances are unimportant.


My Trusted friend twisted and coiled my hair for roughly 10 hours, we did take breaks so all of those hours was not spent on my hair. We watched "The illusionist" and faded in and out conversing about my choices for coming to this point in my life. Discipline and patience will be my next lesson on this journey.

*ADDED NOTE* I did not use bees-was or any gels. I am sticking with the natural products. I will stick to natural oils and shampoos.


thegayte-keeper said...

hey welcome back...it is SO good seeing you here...

Anonymous said...

'I am disregarding profane vanity...manifesting a spiritual understanding that physical appearances are unimportant'. LOVE THAT! You go Ms Angie. We'll be journeying with you, definitely.

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